Halal Info Portal FAQs

What is the purpose of Halal Info Portal?

Halal Info Portal offers convenience to consumers seeking Halal food in accordance with the Islamic dietary laws. Dedicated to providing essential information about Halal meat available at a variety of stores, restaurants, cafes, and kebab houses in Dresden, this portal aspires to serve as a guide for the Muslim community.

What is a “Halal Stop”?

In this project, we utilize the term ‘Halal Stop.’ This refers to the place of interest from which we gather information. It may encompass various establishments such as grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, or any other retail outlets.

How does the data collection process work?

The data shown in Halal Info Portal is collected by visiting the shops which either claim to sell Halal food or when the shop name gives a notion that it can sell Halal food. We have a dedicated questionnaire for the shop personnel with questions that a Muslim would ask normally to verify any Halal claims. We also try to collect any evidence (usually in terms of photos) to support their claims. For instance, any photos of Halal Certificates issued by certifying agencies, vendor certificates or even logos etc.

What criteria are considered in the ranking?

The ranking is based on a 5 star arrangement system. The ranking formula is as follows:
  • No Alcohol served = +1 point
  • No Pork served = +1 point
  • Halal Certificate available for atleast 1 item = +1 point
  • Halal Certificate available for all items = +1 point
  • Halal Certificate clearly displayed = +1 point

Do you consider verbal claims without certificates?

We believe that shops/restaurants should have valid Halal Certifications for transparency. However, the verbal claims are often common, and thus considered and mentioned explicitly in the Halal Info Portal for user’s guide. Although, having no Halal certificate adversely affects their ranking.

How frequently is the information/ranking updated?

We strive to update the provided information/rankings regularly to reflect the most current status. However, the frequency may vary based on the number of submissions and changes in shop status. The date on which the data is collected is mentioned for each Halal stop.

Do you check valid certificates for every type of meat sold?

Currently in this project, we collect information about fresh meat only being sold in a shop/restaurant. For each type of available fresh meat, we inquire about the Halal certification. If a third party vendor/source is involved, we try to probe into their status too. Nevertheless, InshaAllah in the next phase, we have plans to apply the idea for all meat products available at shops.

Can I know more about Halal?

“Halal” is an Arabic term that translates to “permissible” or “lawful” in English. In the context of Islamic dietary laws, halal refers to food and drinks that are considered permissible according to Islamic law, as defined in the Quran (the holy book of Islam) and the Hadiths (sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad SAW). Please find more information here: https://mjchalaaltrust.co.za/what-does-halal-mean-2/:
Additionally, Halal principles extend beyond just food and can apply to various aspects of life, including finance, cosmetics, and lifestyle choices.

Who is part of the verification process?

There is a dedicated team working on Halal Info Portal Project. The team members belong to the IHD (Islamischer Hochschulegruppe Dresden) group. Importantly, the team declares no affiliation to any local vendor.

How can I contribute to the verification process?

You can contribute by providing feedback on your experiences with shops. This feedback helps us maintain an accurate and up-to-date ranking system. Moreover, if you don’t find any details about a shop on our portal, feel free to send us a message; we can try to verify it and later update our database, if needed. Please either use Contact us page or Submit a new Halal Stop link for such queries.
Please also write to us if you want to be a part of this project.

Can I trust the ranking/information on this website?

Our information/rankings are solely based on the details provided by shop personnel. Users are always encouraged to cross-check/verify our details. Alhamdulillah, by Allah SWT’s will and mercy, we strive to do our best with honesty! Therefore, we would encourage our community to be a part of this journey together. Your constructive feedback is always practical for a continuous improvement.

What if a shop disputes its ranking/information?

Shops can contact us with valid documentation to address any dispute. We are open to review and update these ratings based on credible information presented.

Is this service free for consumers and vendors?

Yes, our data collection and portal display services are free for consumers and vendors both. Our goal is to provide a useful resource for consumers, and therefore promote transparency for the Halal food market in our city of Dresden.

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