Dello Zio

No alcohol served hereNo pork served hereNo Halal certificate available, only verbal claim
Sells Alcohol No
Sells Pork No
Fresh/Unpacked meat options Chicken, Beef
Halal certification for fresh Meat No certificate - Only verbal claim
Halal certificates clearly visible No
Halal stop type Eatery
Rating (out of 5) 2
Date of data collection 7-Jul-2023


Halal Info Portal provide the convience to the consumer whose intent is to buyserves Halal food in context of Islamic dietary laws. We merely provide the collection of information which a consumer usually ask when buying Halal food. We present only the information which we got from the shop personel, so please use your own judgement for the final decision. For now, the data presented above is only valid for fresh meat or unpacked meat. The packed or frozen food items (from different companies) in the shop are not considered. In case of any concern, you can reach us via the Contact Us page or our social media. The team declares no affiliation to any local vendor. This project is a non-financial public-spirited project. Also you may refer to FAQ for further clarifications.

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